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The life of an intern at the historical society, Part II | Chestnut Hill Local Philadelphia PA

The life of an intern at the historical society, Part II | Chestnut Hill Local Philadelphia PA.

How to Protect and Preserve Your Genealogical Research after Your OWN Death | Michael Tormey’s “Legacy Blog”

The Web Site: Michael Tormey’s “Legacy Blog”.

This has come up in conversation a few times recently. This article may be of use to many of our members!

This article pertains to your family bible, photographs, and memorabilia as much as your genealogical research.
The ACHS scans old photos from Aransas County 25 years old or older and archives them along with the stories behind them.
At the same time they can be submitted to the annual calendar contest.
Talk to us about archiving your old photos. Come by the LAB or email us from this site.

The Debate Over the Ethics of Photo Restoration | Michael Tormey’s “Legacy Blog”

The Debate Over the Ethics of Photo Restoration | Michael Tormey’s “Legacy Blog”.

Past and present combine in photography project

Past and present combine in photography project 


City Road in Fenton © Jenna Goodwin


Jenna Goodwin from Ash Bank, Great Brittan, wants to create a number of ‘merged’ photographs of the six towns comprising Stoke on Trent and some of the city’s villages. She does this by stitching together a modern and historic photograph of an area to give a unique perspective on the past, present and future of a location.

She says, “I hope to enrich a day or two in people’s lives, remembering, laughing, reminiscing.” She said, “I want to take it to the elderly in homes and sheltered housing, who have no access to social media and exhibits, and share with them the memories that they once made. I want to take it to coffee mornings and share the laughs and memories of the old times that I hope that these images will bring back, as these are the people that lived and worked in these areas, grew up in these houses. I know how much my Nan loves looking at these images and the joy it brings her when she remembers things about growing up in the Potteries.

By it Jenna Goodwin is talking about a Kickstarter Fund she has started  to pay for materials for over 36 combined past and present pictures to be created.

If you get a chance read the article about the photographs by clicking on the picture or the blue title of this news:post or check out her Kickstarter Fund by clicking here.



Iconic Black and White Photographs, Colorized

ku-xlargeIconic Black and White Photographs, Colorized.

A sizable number of history’s most unforgettable images were photographed in black and white. Now, through the digital process of colorization, we can see how these scenes might have appeared in person.

Pam and sunken booty…


Our own Pam Stranahan has been asked to write curricula related to an 1800s shipwreck site in the Gulf (tentatively called the Monterrey, named for the area of the Gulf in which it is located).  The remote control robot is working with computerized precision 1330 meters below the surface on a 200 year old shipwreck off Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.  Currently, 2:40PM 2013-07-22, the feed is live with 3 cameras and a map. The video is incredible.

The shipwreck investigation is LIVE at NAUTILUS LIVE