Kline’s Move Phase 2

Kline’s Cafe Move – Phase 2

Update: 12-13-20

The kitchen add-on has been removed as have the trees and paving around the building. In this phase, the dirt has to be removed from under the building and wooden timbers placed to temporarily support the building (cribbing).


First timbers placed under Kline’s building

In this photograph, excavation has been completed on the first corner of the building and timbers have been placed under the foundation for support. Below the dirt/sand is a layer of limestone, part of which is fairly soft. In other sections the limestone had to beĀ  broken up with a jack hammer implement so it could be removed. It is likely that this limestone feature is part of the original rocky point that extended into the bay just a couple of hundred yards from this location and from which, Rockport got its name.




Pumping water

Water has to be periodically pumped out.

Water continually seeps in under the foundation and has to be pumped out. In this image, one of the workers is placing a pump input hose to help dry it out.







Digging around building

Limestone rock was found just a couple feet beneath the foundation.

So far, there has been more and harder limestone on the south side of the building. One of the equipment operators is picking up a chunk of limestone in this image.








Part of the digging equipment was broken and had to be welded.

So far there have been a couple of equipment failures in the process. One of the skid steer units blew a hydraulic hose as soon as it arrived on site and had to have a replacement made up in Corpus Christi and installed.

In this image a welder repairs the fork shovel that is used to dig under the foundation that probably met its match against the limestone. For a short aerial video of the excavation process click here.





More cribbing

Additional cribbing being placed under building

Work continues, excavating and cribbing to support the building. If you look closely at this image you can see that a second row of timbers have been placed behind the ones on the edge. One of the crew has to get under the foundation, place the timbers and wedge them tight against the foundation.






Once all of the foundation has been excavated and the cribbing is in place, the building movers will install steel beams underneath the concrete slab. Below those cross pieces more steel will be placed and the second layer of steel beams will be used to lift the building.

We will try to provide more or less weekly updates on the progress of the building move. We do not have a schedule, yet, for when the actual move will take place.

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