Kline’s Move – The Lift

Update 1-14-21

The excavation is complete under the building and it is resting on timber cribbing and steel, ready to be lifted.


24 hydraulic jacks are placed under the building in pairs with six at each corner.






The jacks are connected via hydraulic hoses to a control panel where the operator can monitor the pressure on the jacks as the building is lifted. It is vital that the building remains level during the lift.




Louis watches closely as the building is lifted a few inches. The jacks will only raise the building a foot or so at a time, then the cribbing has to be raised, the jacks reset at a higher level and the process starts again. Each iteration takes over an hour, often more if more work needs to be done.




Jacks and cribbing are carefully monitored, making sure they are straight, level and plumb.





At this point the lift is nearly complete. The men have to compress the jacks and raise them for each lift. In this picture Louis is using a timber and his weight to press down on the jack to compress it.




Here, the building has been raised to a level approximately six feet above grade. The hydraulic equipment has been removed from the site and the building rests on the timber cribbing and steel I-beams.



The building will wait, now, until the foundation is ready at the new location. When the new foundation is ready, the movers will bring the moving dollies in. Dirt will be filled in underneath the building and steel plates placed on top of the dirt. The Dollies can then ride on the steel plates and support the building. There will be six dollies: Two of them have motors and will drive the building, two are used for steering and two of them simply help support the weight of the building (228 tons).

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