Klines Move

Moving Historic Kline’s Cafe – Phase I

Building moves are not a new thing for the Aransas County Historical Society. It was moving and saving the Stella Maris chapel that sparked the creation of the Historical Society in 1985. It is an important part of the mission of the Society to ensure that buildings of historical significance in the county are preserved.

Klines Front

Klines front aerial

In preparation for construction of the new Center for the Arts in Rockport, the historic Kline’s Cafe building must be moved to a different location. Much work had to be done to secure funding and work out how the building could be saved. Thanks to the efforts of the Luis Purón, ED of Rockport Center for the Arts, the City of Rockport, Rockport Cultural Arts District, the state and local history organizations and Ron Meyeres, this work has been completed.

An aerial video of the building in its original location is available here.

Funding for the move is in place. Ron Meyeres has agreed to purchase the building and move it to property he owns nearby on the corner of St. Marys and Magnolia streets just a couple of blocks away. The building will face St. Mary’s street and the front of the building will be visible from Austin Street. The building movers, Ram House Movers, have been contracted and preparation work has begun.

Mr. Meyeres’ agreement to purchase, restore and reuse the building in a new location not only saves the building as part of the city’s heritage, but also brings it up to code, helping to protect it from future flooding or other damage. In the original location, the building is only a few feet above sea level.

Klines side view

Klines side view showing addition to be removed.

When the original building was converted for use as a cafe, the building was extended so that a kitchen could be added. This included pouring a new concrete slab, which is not part of the original. In the accompanying photograph, the kitchen addition has been outlined in red. You can see that the windows in this section do not match those in the original building. This addition and its slab had to be removed before the the main, historic, part of the building could be moved. 




Kline's Kitchen Roof

Workers carefully separate roof over kitchen section

Workers on the roof carefully cut off the kitchen part of the roof so it can be removed without affecting the older part of the building.

To see a time lapse video of the kitchen removal click here.





Kline's aerial post kitchen

Kline’s aerial with kitchen removed.

In this aerial view all of the demolition work in preparation for the move has been done, except for tree removal, which was completed shortly after this photo was taken. All of the exterior asphalt and concrete around the building has been broken up and removed. The kitchen addition has been removed as well as the HVAC unit on the roof. The next step will be excavating under the building and getting the steel girders in place to lift and move it.

Forward to Phase 2 update

ACHS will continue to document the building move as it progresses.

Webmaster Nov 11, 2020.