About Us

The Aransas County Historical Society was established in 1985 to identify, protect, record, and interpret historic and prehistoric sites, structures, papers, records, and artifacts relating to the unique environment and evolution of the county, to share all with the public, and to promote the appreciation of history within the area.

The Aransas County Historical Society Lab is temporarily unavailable due to the impact of hurricane Harvey. The contents are safely preserved, but not currently accessible to the public. We are in the process of finding a new location where the public may visit us at the Lab to see our collections and the projects we’re working on and just sit around and talk about family and the great County of Aransas!

  • Photographs:
    We have a large number of framed historic photos on display as well as a large archive of digital photos from personal collections that we have been allowed to copy.
  • Historic Stories
    Our membership, especially the people who come regularly to the lab on Wednesdays, have a substantial knowledge of Aransas County history and the families that have come and gone and the ones that are still here.They love to share their knowledge with people who are trying to find out about their family’s past or about the local history. They also enjoy hearing about things that they don’t know. They are good listeners and will soak up the history you have to tell like a sponge. Don’t be shy, come on by.
  • Work in Progress!
    The Annual Calendar, The Oral History of Aransas County being worked on in conjunction with other local groups, The Historic Survey of buildings in the county, and other projects that I haven’t learned of yet…

2024 Officers and Trustees:


Cheryl Livingston, President
Ty Husak, Vice President
Elizabeth Brundrett, Treasurer
Debbie Machac, Secretary

Brad Brundrett
Ernest Camehl
Joseph Fox
John Jackson
David Murrah
Janie White