Projects & Accomplishments

Our programs and projects include:

  • Aransas County Oral Histories, Pam Stranahan. Over the years the Aransas County Historical Commission (ACHC) and the Aransas County Historical Society (ACHS) have recorded oral interviews with local folks.  The project was especially active in the 1990s when Kathryn Winkelman, Genieve Hunt, Raulie Irwin and Sue Hastings were gathering stories. These interviews were recorded on cassette tapes had become fragile so they were transferred to CDs by Jim Reynolds, Scott Wagert and Phil Stranahan and recently put on a digital flash drive as technology in recording is ever changing.In 2018 the ACHC and ACHS approved a proposal to give the original cassette tapes (70) and transcripts (24) to TAMU Kingsville, South Texas Archives, James C. Jernigan Library upon the recommendation by the Texas State Archives and Library system. There they will be in a safe environment and available to future generations.

    These same interviews were given to the Aransas County Historical Commission, the Aransas County Historical Society and the History Center where both the digital recording on a flash drive and the hard copy transcripts are available.  Lists of the 70 interviews and 24 transcripts may be viewed at those organizations. Some of the people for whom the transcripts were made are Bissett, Bowles, Covarrubi, Dickey, Domingues, Pina, Frandolig, Kleypas, Mitchell, Gibson, Goff, Irwin, Harrell, Heinsohn, Johnson, Rouquette, Silberisen, Sorenson, Guynes, and Wendell.

  • Support of the restoration of the Fulton Mansion State Historic Site and the preservation and renovation of the Bruhl-Paul-Johnson house as the History Center for Aransas County through financial contributions to the Friends of the Fulton Mansion and the Friends of the History Center for Aransas County.
  • Publication of calendars of historic photos that are published and sold to the public.  (Ongoing since 2007)
  • Establishment of a historical laboratory and reading room in the historic Rockport School at 619 North Live Oak, Room 15.  The Lab (as it is popularly called) is currently not available to the public due to the impact of hurricane Harvey. ACHS is currently seeking a new space. Once located, the Lab will be re-established and open again to the public.
  • Spring and Fall Lecture Series (2 each season) are presented each year and are free and open to the public (see the Events page).
  • In 2010, 30 historic photographs were placed in the Aransas County Courthouse.  The placement of historic photographs for the public to enjoy is an ongoing project and we will be placing more in the future.  Watch for an update on where these photos will be placed.
  • From 2007 to 2010 we worked in partnership with the Friends of the Fulton Mansion of the Tour of Historic Homes in Aransas County.
  • In 2009 we worked in partnership with the Aransas County Historical Commission to involve the Rockport/Fulton Area in the Texas Historical Commission’s Visionaries in Preservation Program.  A master plan for historic preservation was written and task forces were formed to accomplish these goals.
  • 1997 publication of Aransas: The Life of a Texas Coastal County by William Allen and Sue Hastings Taylor.
  • 1986 Relocation and preservation of the historic Stella Maris Chapel in Lamar.  A project in cooperation with the Aransas County Historical Commission.



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