The following books and periodicals are available for viewing at the ACHS Lab.

Title / DescriptionAdditional InfoFormat
19th Century Clothing Kalman, Bobbie (1993) book
A Kineno Remembers from the King Ranch Cavazos, Lauro F. (2006) book
A Pictorial History of Aransas Pass, Texas Aransas Pass Progress (1998) book
A Texas Coastal Bend Trilogy Huson, Hobert (1994) book
Aransas County 1871-197 binder binder
Aransas County 1972 binder binder
Aransas, A Novel Harrigan, Stephen book
Aransas: The Life of a Texas Coastal County Allen, William & Sue Taylor Hastings (1997) book
Aransas-What’s in a Name Meany, T.L. (1971) book
Basic Texas Books Jenkins, John H. (1988) book
Bee County Family History Beeville, Texas (1992) book
Boats binder binder
Buildings binder binder
Burnett, Shirley binder binder
Business & Professional Directory binder, 1919, 1941, 1943 binder
Business & Professional Directory Business & Professional Directory (1983) book
Casterline binder binder
Driving Tour of Aransas County binder binder
Education in Aransas County binder binder
El Copano binder binder
Fishing binder binder
Glimpses of Rokcport in Another Time binder binder
Guidebook to the As Nat. Wildlife Regue McAlister, Wayne M. & Martha K. (1987) book
Guidelines for Local Surveys Nat. Register Bulletin book
Harriet’s Kitchen Fulton Mansion docents (1992) book
Heldenfels Bros. Shipyard 191 binder binder
Heldenfels Brothers binder binder
Heritage Day 2005 binder binder
Historic & Architectural Resources Survey Williams, Diane E. & Assoc book
Hurricane History binder – photo notebook binder
Hurricane History Parker, A. Leland (1983) binder
Hurricane Junction, A History of Port Aransas of Matagorda County Kuehne, Cyril Mathew book
Photographing Your Heritage Shull, Wilma Sadler (1988) book
Refugio County history Book Comm History of Refugio County (1985) book
Refugio, vol. I & II Huson, Hobart (1956) book
Rockport – telephone books 1920, 1926, 1948, 1949 book
Rockport School class of 1936-1958 book
Seagull school annual (1921) book
St. Charles Bay Hunting Club Halff, Alex book
Tejano Journey 1770-1850 Poyo, Gerald E. (1996) book
Texas Almanac 1972-73, 1998-99, 2000-01, 2002-03 book
Texas Coast, Texas Monthly Guidebook Rafferty, Robert R. (1986) book
Texas Coastal Bend: People & Places Wood, Alpha Kennedy (1979) book
Texas Forgotten Ports Guthrie, Keith (1988) book
Texas Forgotten Ports, II Guthrie, Keith (1993) book
Texas Forgotten Ports, III Guthrie, Keith (1995) book
Texas: The Land and Its People Pearson, Jim B et al (1972) book
The Eyes of Texas – Travel Guide Gulf Coast Ed. Miller, Ray (1977) book
The Eyes of Texas – Travel Guide Gulf Coast Ed. Miller, Ray (1979) book
The Fighting Texas navy 1832-1843 Meed, Douglas V book
The Karankawa Indians of Texas Ricklis, Robert (1996) book
The lace of Tough Mesquite – A Texas Heritage Murray, Elaine Carlise book
The Legend of Chipita Guthrie, Keith book
The Old Beach Road Lowther, w. book
Trans-Pecos Texas Burnett, J. P. (2002) book
Unlocking the Secrets in Old Photographs Frisch-Ripley, Karen (1991) book
Waterfront buildings binder binder
What Do You Know about South Texas (articles) Overton, Walter book