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ABC Learning Center
Arbor Day
Anthony’s by the Sea
American Cancer Society
American Red Cross
Aransas: The Life of a Coastal Texas County
Aransas – What’s in a Name
Aransas County – Airport
Aransas County – Centennial
Aransas County – created fr. Refugio co
Ar Co Commissioners
Ar Co first minutes
Ar Co government – reports 1974, ’76, ’77
Ar Co Historical Society
Ar Co Indepentdent School Dist
Ar Co Live Oak Elementary
Ar Co – Misc
Ar Co Navigation
Ar Co petition
Aransas Hotel
Aransas Pass
Aransas Pass Lighthouse
Archeology – Ar Co
Archeology – Nueces River
Austin Street
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Bailey Pavilion
Baldwin, W.H.
Barre, Chester – interview
Baychester – pic
Baylor Norvell house
Bell, Walter
Beetley, Sallie
Big Tree
Blue crab
Bonner, Lola L
Bowles, James “Earl” – interview
Bissett, R.Durwood & Daisy – interview
brands, cattle Ar Co
Bracht, A.L. Hist. Marker nomination
Bracht, A.L. background for narker
Bracht, A.L.
Bracht Brothers. Grocery
Bracht, Leopold – house
Bracht, L.M.
Bracht, R.P.
Bracht, Viktor
Bracht, Wholesale Groc
Bruhl, Albert Lewis & Louis
Bruhl-Gibson home
Brundrett family
Brundrett, J.A. tax
Burdick, Glenda
B & PW
Byrne, Cpt. James
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Cabiniss, Russell
calendar 2011
calendar entries
Caller-Times Anniv.125
Castaways Thirft
Casterline, L.E.
Chamber of Commerce
Coleman-Fulton-Mathis Pasture Co.
Churches – Calvary Bapt.
Churches – Presbytherian
Churches – First Bapt
Churches – Sacred Heart
Churches – St. Peter’s Episcopal
Churches – Stella Maris
Clarker, Katie Lee
Close family
Coastal Bend – A Pictoral Hist
Colt, Samuel
Cool Coast Camp
Copano Bay Causeway
Corpus Christi Magazine 4-1984
Covarrabias, Frank – interview
Cove Harbor
Cron, Dr. C.F.
Crucifix fish
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Del Mar Grill
Del Mar Hotel
Dickey, Walter – interview
Dominguez, Hillis – interview
downtown – horse rings
Driver’s Ed Handbook 1944
Duck Inn
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Eastern Star
El Copano
Elliot, H.F. – interview
Evanston, Sally
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First National Bank
First National Bank
forts – s. tx. (Givens)
Frandolig Island
Frandolig Island-marker nomination
Frandolig, Js. Stephen – interview
Freeborn, Sidney – interview
Fulton TX
Fulton Community Church – marker nomination
Fulton Community Church – background
Fulton Fire Dept
Fulton Mansion
Fulton School
Fulton – Smith cemetery
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Gayle, W.C.
Gibson, Gladys – interview
Givens, Murphy
GSM Insurance
Goff, John B. – interview
Goliad County
Goose Island State Park
Grand Opera House
Grass Houses
Guthrie, Keith
Guynes, Ann – interview
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Hagar, Connie
Hagar,Connie – marker dedication
Haynes, “Chief” Weston Smith
Hanson, James E
Harden, Agnes “Toni”
Harden honored
Harper, Joseph A. (Judy)
Harrell, Gayna
Hart, Ruby
Heinsohn, Fred interview
Heldenfels boat yards
Heldenfels boat yards
Herring, James C.
Herring, James Clark
Herring, Mary Pearl “Growing Up….”
Hinson, Ray – interview 2.5.1991
Historic Shellcrete Square
Hoopes-Smith House, Broadway
Hooper Grocery
Hunt, Charlyne
Hunts Courts
Hynes-Balthrop, 801 S. Church
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Irwin, Raulie – talk to AARP
IOOF Lodge – Old Fellows
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Jail, Rockport
Judges – Ar Co
Jackson, Nan pics
Jackson, Nan
Jackson, Robert (Bobby)
Jackson, S.F.
Jackson, Mrs. S.F.
Johnson, Elizabeth Bell (Bessie) – interview
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Key Allegro
Kleypas, Vernon – interview
Kool Koast Kamp
Krueger, Pat papers
Krueger, Pat papers
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Lamar – Town of
Lamar salt works
Lamar – All Faiths Church
Lamar cemetery
Lamar Woman’s Club
La Playa Hotel
Laws of Texas – general 1871
Lesson – Tidal Flat
Little, Ted et al
Lumber yard
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Magnolia Street Houses
Maps and brochures
Marie, Sam
Marine Lab
Markers – possible
Markers – ACHC
Masonic Lodge, AF&AM, Order of the Eastern Star
Mathis House marker dedication 9.1.1990
Mathis House
Mayors of Rockport
McRae, Archiblad
Merchants’ Square
Methodist church
Mexican War/ Taylor Oak
Michael, Simon – interview 10.22.72
Michael, Simon
Miller, John – interview 10.4.72
Mills, C.H. “Burt” Jr.
Mills Wharf
Minutes of Ar Co 1871
Minutes of county court 3.25.1872
Mitchell, John interview
Moore House, 413 S.Church marker nomination
Mother Goose Land Kindergarten
Mundine, Ottie dep sheriff Fish Fry
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Nims, D.L. A History of the Village of Rockport
Nineteen nineteen storm 1919
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Oak Grove School Dist 3
Oak trees
Odd Fellow Lodge IOF
Oil and Gas – Ar Co
Oklahoma community
Odl House info
Oral Histories – list
Oysterfest Fulton 2003
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Patrick, Mary Herring
Paul, Preston
Paul, Simon H.
Paws and Taws Bldg, Fulton
Peace Luthern church
Picton, D.M. and Grace
Pina, Avelina interview 12.7.1988
Port Aransas Lighthouse
Post cards – Email (ebay)
Post cards of Rockport area
Postmasters of Rockport
Power, James
Prehistory – TARL
Public Parks – Ar Co
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Railroad Depot
Rebekah Lodge
Reese, Emma – poems by
Refugio Co
Refugio – bill 1908
Refugio Co petition of residents
Refugio Co petition of residents
Refugio sketches of
Rice Bros. & Co shipyards
Rincon Ranch – Coleman Mathis Fulton
Richardson, Sid
Robinson deployed
Rockport Art Assoc
Rockport Beach Dev
Rockport Businesses 2008
Rockport cemetery
Rockport Center for the Arts
Rockport City
Rockport City est 5.26.1871
Rockport Fire Department
Rockport Guide 1991
Rockport Guide 1994
Rockport Guide 2006
Rockport Heritage District
Rockport High School
Rockport Mercantile Co
Rockport, Old – shopping guide
Rockport Pilot – hist. marker nomination
Rockport School – hist. marker nomination
Rockport Seafair 1979, 1981
Rockport Stock Pens 1868
Rockport Tree City USA
Rockport Yacht Basin
Rockport Yacht Club
Rocky Point by Givens
RYSCO destruction
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San Antonio – Aransas Pass RR
San Antonio cemetery
St. Charles Bay Club
St. Charles Bay Saltworks
St Joseph Island
St. Mary’s, Refugio County
St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
San Jose Island
Sanborn Fire Insurance maps – cd
Schiwetz, Edmund Muegge (Buck)
Schools – Ar Co
Schools – Ar High School
School – Blackjack community
School – Estes
School – Rokcport HS
School graduates cards
School – Rockport – hist marker
Schools – Oak Grove
School – Sparks Colony
Scrivner, David Rockport
Sea Gun motel
Sheldon, Arnold & Joe
Sea shell collection
Shell Crete Square 2010
Shellcrete Society – Ar., Copano, Bayside 1830-1880
Shell Motel
Sheriffs – Ar Co
Shipwreck (Mex.War) near Ingleside
Shivers, Virginia
Silberisen, James – 1919 storm – interview
Simpson, John Thomas/Katherine Grear Stinson
Slocum, John H.
Smith, Clara Hynes
Smith family cemetery, Fulton
Smith, H.G., wife Nina O
Smith, T. Noah
Sorenson, home – Simon
Sorenson, James H.
Sorenson, James H. – interview
Sorenson, John C. Sr.
Sorenson, Paul Clark
Sorenson, S.B. & Sonds
Sorenson-Stair Bldg – hist marker nomination
Sorenson Wharf
Spencer, Emory – interview
South Texas Archives, Kingsville
Sports – baseball
Stair, Estelle
Stanley, Gordon – post card collection
State Bank – Rockportl
Stella Maris chapel, Lamar
Stevens, E.A. judge
Straw House
Strickhausen, George
Sugar Loaf house – Bracht on Magnolia
Surf Court
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Taylor, Zachry
Taylor, Zachry – oak tree
Texas Maritime Museum
Texas Maritime Museum
Texas Maritime Museum
Toast of the Coast
Tropical Christmas
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Veterans of WWII, Korea
Visitors Guide 1995 summer
Visitors Guide 1997 April
Visitors Guide 2001 summer
Visitors Guide 2002 summer
Visitors Guide 2008
Visitors Guide coastal bend 2006
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Water Street
Wendell, Jan – interview
Wendell, Jerry
Wendell, John D. – interview
Wendell, John D. judge
Western Auto
Winslow, Oscar
Wollert, Winston
Wollert, Lola Bracht
Womans’ Club – info
Womans’ Club year books 1950-1970
Womans’ Club year books 1980
Womans’ Club year books
Womans’ Club – hist marker nomination
Wood House, 203 N. Magnolia
Wood, John Howland
Wood, J.M. The Irishman in Early Texas
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